Promote Self-Sufficiency

UDI works with various companies on a contract basis to provide a much needed labor force for the industrial market.  After acquiring tasks from companies to complete, UDI engages individuals in production style work to fill orders and execute contracts.  In the warehouse, UDI Production Technicians and individuals who are working as Floor Helpers stage products from various companies before bringing them onto the production floor for individuals to complete.  Once the products are on the production floor, UDI Direct Support Providers oversee individuals working in teams or groups to complete the assignments efficiently and effectively.  If individuals need some extra assistance, UDI Direct Support Providers meet their need through training, education, and hands on assistance.  Individuals benefit greatly from the production style work by receiving compensation for their work and by learning new skills that can they can use in other vocational settings.  Individuals are always happy, but especially so on PAYDAY!

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